The Legal Toolkit

The role of technology in the legal business is expanding, and in many practice areas blockchain technology can be of great importance. Because of client demands, firms must differentiate their service offerings to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market environment.

iDefendo is working with established international law firms to help them and their clients increase their value by using blockchain-based technology. By using iDefendo’s solutions, firms will help grow the value of their own and their clients’ intangible assets by creating traceability, proof, and trust. Since entries to the blockchain are based on distributed consensus, the technology helps all parties agree on value and transaction consistency.

The Legal Toolkit

How you benefit

Affordable digital solution

Easily and quickly integrated into existing systems

Increased trust and control

Secure information with an immutable history of transactions

Expanded service offering

Protect clients’ IP rights, demonstrate corporate compliance, and prove the existence and provenance of data

With our solutions, firms can redefine automation, security, and contractual agreements. An immutable history of all transactions makes it possible to give clients and stakeholders an evidence trail of occurrences, indisputably proving authenticity and provenance. And it simplifies the company’s ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance and is a key component of ensuring compliance with current and future regulations.

Our solutions also make data transfer more secure and reduce the risk of human error and internal fraudulent activities. The result is safer information flow among the involved parties with a higher level of control and enhanced risk mitigation.

Firms can also offer their clients the advantages of our anti-counterfeit and traceability system, DigiTrail. DigiTrail provides trustworthy origin data to customers and stakeholders, generating opportunities for significant financial and competitive advantages. The transparency it offers gives companies an enormous potential to increase their control of the market and combat counterfeiting. By providing customers with indisputable proof of provenance and authenticity, DigiTrail boosts customer trust, increases product margins, and enhances brand equity.

“An April 2019 survey of approximately 700 lawyers in the United States and Europe revealed that legal services businesses that are perceived as “leading” in legal tech adoption are the most profitable. Conversely, firms that are “trailing” in tech investment and adoption are the least likely to see an increase in profits.”

Source: Wolters Kluwer the-future-ready-lawyer

“For our clients, acquiring knowledge is of utmost importance to their operations, and securing that information and using it optimally are critical, now more than ever before. ASA is teaming with iDefendo to offer joint knowledge and technology to clients, suggesting countless areas where iDefendo’s Digital Witnesses can be of great value and assistance to companies and individuals who need to protect IP rights, demonstrate corporate compliance, and prove data existence and provenance.”

Ankit Sahni, Ajay Sahni Associates