Sustainability and Compliance Solutions

Demand is growing for improvements in sustainability across all industries, which is putting pressure on leading companies to take action to meet consumers’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

Conducting business in an ethical and environmentally friendly way is becoming more and more important. When consumers increasingly seek products and services that have a positive impact on society and the environment, accountability and transparency rise in importance and become driving factors in a company’s success.

Sustainability and Compliance Solutions

How you benefit

Consumer trust

Strengthen brand equity and customer loyalty by building trust in a product, a supply chain, or the integrity of data


Establish provenance and authenticity by giving consumers and stakeholders the details they demand


Full traceability minimizes risk and allows for faster detection of unethical suppliers

A 2017 Unilever study1 reveals that a third of all consumers are buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact, and this number is continuously rising.

As expectations for corporate responsibility grow, iDefendo’s blockchain-based solutions can effectively help companies implement their sustainability strategies, no matter what area they want to make an impact in. By providing reliable and immutable evidence, iDefendo builds trust and transparency in a product, supply chain, transaction, or the integrity of data. Since entries of data in a blockchain are immutable and time-stamped, they create a clear record of product provenance and history, helping product buyers and company stakeholders to be confident that goods being purchased are coming from sources that have been recognized as being ethically sound. This builds trust, customer loyalty, and brand equity. Volvo recently announced2 that to enhance transparency, it will use blockchain technology as the next step in ensuring full traceability in its supply chain, minimizing related risks, and creating closer collaborations with its suppliers.

Companies can also use our solutions to reduce environmental impact through supply chain optimization. Every step in the supply chain can be traced, both upstream and downstream, providing consumers and other involved parties with the details they demand. By tracking each step, companies can create energy savings, minimize the footprints of the product journey, improve their resource savings, and find possible ways to reduce greenhouse gasses. More efficient use of energy and resources creates efficiencies and important cost reductions throughout the supply chain.



Studies show that a third of all consumers are buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact, and this number is continuously rising.

Source: Unilever

Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies across all industries. Sixty-two percent of executives consider a sustainability strategy a necessity to be competitive today, and another 22% think one will be necessary in the future.

Source: IMD Business School